Coach Rob came to us on a recommendation from a friend and we have been very satisfied with the results that we have seen from my son since he has been working with coach Rob. We were looking for someone to fine tune his skills and help him mature as a player. Coach Rob has the resume and the skill set to train a wide range of age groups. My son really enjoys his sessions with coach Rob, and as a parent you will appreciate his punctuality, his communication skills, his rapport with the players, and his overall passion for the game. Coach Rob knows the game well and knows what skills are needed to succeed and how to apply them in game situations. He honed in on where my son needed added focus, and got right to work and we haven't looked back. My son has shown major improvement under the tutelage of coach Rob. He provides constructive coaching and encourages my son to push himself beyond his comfort zone to make him a better player. His attention to detail in teaching is something that definitely sets him apart. Coach Rob never lets my son get away with not perfecting a specific drill and is quick to accurately demonstrate how a drill should be done. I feel that coach Rob stands apart from other trainers and coaches we have worked with, as he takes the time during and after each session to go over what was worked on and how my son might be able to apply it in a game and explain to my son as well, so he has an understanding when certain skill can appropriately used. Coach Rob also genuinely enjoys my weekly phone call progress reports detailing my son's performance in his weekly matches for his traveling team. I would be more than happy to recommend Coach Rob to anyone looking to get an edge on the competition. He is fantastic!!!

Jacob Nassberg.